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Create a Handcrafted Jewelry Website: 10 Design Tips for Better Sales

Once you have a jewelry selling website, your troubles aren't over.  It's now time to make the design perfect.  The website design you select for your Internet handcrafted jewelry business is critical to your success.

Not only must the visuals on your site beautifully display the necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, they must also give an overall impression to your website visitors and customers. Your site design signifies your artistic taste. If your customers don't like the colors, visuals, and artistic taste represented by your website design, they won't linger, they won't browse, they won't buy, and they won't return.

Here are ten essential tips to help you create a website design that pulls in your customers.

1) Study the competition. Look at other websites of jewelry crafters who are selling their jewelry designs. Note what works and what doesn't. Your critical eye is likely to be more objective when it's turned on another's work. You can then apply what you've learned to your own jewelry website.

2) Choose neutral background colors that draw the eye to the jewellery instead of upstaging it.  Very bright colors are to be avoided, as are contrasting hues that compete for attention. Never forget the power of a white background. Your product descriptions text should ideally be dark on light, which is easier on the eyes for most customers than light text on a dark background.   For the jewelry photos themselves, a black background can be attractive but is not necessary, and can lend a moody feel to the shopping experience.

3) Choose a theme for your handcrafted jewelry web site, not merely a bunch of colors that look nice together. The theme should reflect the jewelry.  Whether it's flowers, eco-friendly green jewelry, elegant fine jewelry, or rustic artisan jewelry, when your visitors land on your site, what they're looking at should evoke the right images in their mind.  Perhaps of nature, perhaps of trendy hipness, perhaps of wild attitude, perhaps of discreet quality, perhaps of glittering glamour - whatever theme you want associated with your pieces.

4) Add quality photos.  Your visitor's eye won't stay on the website visuals, at least, not for long. Bring the focus to the jewelry. Give the jewelry center stage. Post great photos of your handcrafted creations.  Letting the website design upstage the photos themselves is one of the most common mistakes I see on new jewelry selling sites.  It's all too tempting to look at your site with your artist's eye - but try to look at it with a seller's eye.

5) Make navigation easy.  Give your visitors multiple ways to reach your jewelry.  Categories are a good thing. Each jewelry product should have several routes to reach it.  Some ideas for different categories are type (necklaces, bracelets, etc.), color (reds, blues, etc.), newest designs, featured designs, gender (men's, women's, unisex), and materials (gemstones, lampwork, pearls, coral, turquoise, lapis lazuli, etc.)

6) The term website design really covers not just the artistic visual choices, but the every choice related to the user's website experience. Make your website fast--quick to load. Internet visitors are impatient. Don't try their patience. They might not come back.

7) Limit photos primarily to the jewelry you're selling. Set off any other photos as distinct from the jewelry. You want your visitors to know that what they see, they can buy.  For example, at the bottom of this website are photos I took of my own designs, yet not offered for sale.   This is another version of the advice above:  don't make your products compete with your design.

8) Display no more than six photos of jewelry products on a screen view at once. This isn't a hard and fast number, but an estimate, and varies depending on the size of your photos. When you display too many photos, either they're thumbnails and they're too small to see, or they're too cluttered and you don't really see enough of each product image to be tempted or to click on the jewelry.

9) Take any feedback offered by your website visitors seriously. Don't be offended. Be grateful for the feedback. The wonderful thing about running a website to sell your jewelry is that, like everything else on the Internet, it's highly adaptable. While redecorating the inside of a bricks-and-mortar handcrafted jewelry store could cost thousands of dollars and take weeks, changing your colors and layout can cost nothing and take only minutes or hours.

If you're working with a website designer who shares your vision for your website and understands the jewelry business, trust their instincts when they offer recommendations. Avoid insisting on fulfilling your artistic vision at the expense of a site that encourages visitors to linger and to buy. Good website designers know what works.

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