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About Us

Ornatia Rustic Jewelry: Learn to Make and Sell Artisan Jewelry is the brainchild of "Ornatia," a jewelry maker and former jewelry seller.

The website's mission is to share lessons about selling jewelry online with aspiring entrepreneurs.  "Ornatia" believes the world's economy is unfolding to reveal lasting new economic opportunities for individual entrepreneurs starting out in small business - opportunities of a quantity and quality not seen in many decades.

Before ending the business rather abruptly to take care of her growing family and focus on her writing, Ornatia made quality handcrafted sterling silver jewelry for women and and men.  The designs were rustic and earthy, as witnessed by the photo samplings on this website. 

Ornatia is proud to be a self-taught artisan jewelry designer.  Her business started off as a hobby when she taught herself jewelry making on the Internet. It quickly evolved into an online business.  Ornatia designs have been sold to a wide range of customers, from North America to Europe to Asia to Africa.

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  • View instructions for jewelry projects and tutorials by jewelry designer Ornatia.
  • Get inspired by photos of artisan necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and anklets.
  • Start here for all the tips you need to get your artisan jewelry business off the ground and running!
  • Learn how to turn your craft hobby into something that can help you make money.
  • Learn how to work with sterling silver wire and other jewelry making materials.

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Bali silver necklace for men

Citrine and amber teardrop anklet

Lapis lazuli wire wrapped necklace

Bamboo coral turquoise teardrop anklet

Red jasper snowflake obsidian necklace

Leopardskin jasper and turquoise necklace

Sleeping Beauty turquoise bracelet

Pink coral necklace with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Bali sterling silver

Freshwater pearl and sterling silver flower ladies necklace

blue coral sterling silver toggle necklace

Fossil agate coin and Hill Tribe silver necklace

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