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Jewelry Tutorial: Make a Wire-wrapped Bracelet Lesson 4

This is lesson 4 in the tutorial for how to make a sterling silver wire wrapped bracelet.

Supplies (continued):
  • Newspaper
Laying out your working surface with newspaper helps contain the damage when scraps of sterling silver wire go flying and offers a quick clean-up option.

When those scraps go flying, you don't want them flying in your eyes. Goggles are advisable. Learn to cut wire safely as a basic precaution.

  • Towel
A towel or other napped cloth is great for laying out your beads so they don't roll around.

  • Ruler with metric and standard increments
  • Calculator
Although off-the-cuff measurements can work, a ruler and calculator are handy for calculating how many beads to use for the finished length that you want.

  • Working surface
A comfortable working surface helps prevent hunching and the dreaded "jeweler's neck."

This wire-wrapped bracelet project uses sterling silver wire. Sterling silver is an alloy of pure silver and other metals such as copper that are mixed together to make silver more workable and durable. Sterling silver must contain .925 silver in order to be consider sterling. Thus, sterling silver jewelry will often be labeled .925 or .925 sterling silver.

Sterling silver jewelry wire is sold in reels in both dead soft and half-hard states. Half-hard is recommended for beginners as it holds its shape better.

20 gauge refers to the thickness of the wire. The higher the number, the thinner the wire.

The first few times you practice your loops, use copper wire. It is a cheap way to learn the basics of working metal.

Read on to learn more about supplies and the beads needed to make a wire wrapped bracelet. 

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